Are you looking to invest in an Assured Return Property in Gurgaon? Confused? Which assured return project in invest in? Who are the most reliable assured return developers in Gurgaon? Which assured return commercial properties in Gurgaon should you explore? How does assured return work? How to chose an assured return property? Don't worry! You have come to the right place. Leave the rest to us! is a leading portal to evaluate assured return properties in Gurgaon & also a knowledge centre for assured return properties. We will help you with all your investment related queries & also provide you the best assured return investments in Gurgaon.

What is assured return property ?

An assured return investment is wherein an investor makes a down payment ( usually 95% of the property cost ) at the initial time of booking & immediately starts receiving a monthly fixed rental from the developer.

This rental is a percentage of the cost of the property / investment made by the customer & is pre decided at the time of booking. The current trend is to offer properties at 12% assured return. Some developers although also offer the same at 11%. We can offer you multiple options for 12% assured return projects in Gurgaon. The fixed return offered to the investor is usually for a fixed period, say 3 years or till possession of the property is offered by the developer. In some cases, this can also increase unto 4 - 5 years.

Assured return is usually restricted to commercial properties only & hardly offered in residential properties. So, an investor, alongside building an asset in the form of the property, also gets an assured fixed return on his investment, thereby maximising his returns & gains.

Why should you invest in assured return property?

In these uncertain times, where the real estate market is sluggish & the growth rate low, assured return investments are the best & safest real estate investments. Anybody looking to invest in Gurgaon Real Estate Market, should definitely consider this as an option. Investing in assured return projects, has various benefits. Lets look at a few.

How does assured return work ?

    Investing in assured return is quite simple! Shortlist, identify & invest in a good assured return project in Gurgaon.
    Lets see how!

  • Finalise the property & pay booking amount ( as applicable ).
  • Make down payment of 95% or 50% of the total property cost, as the case may be.
  • Upon completing the payment & finishing documentation process, you shall receive your payment receipts, MOU & PDC's from the developer.
  • Lets assume the cost of property is Rs 50 Lacs & the developer is offering 12% assured return per annum.
  • Therefore, Rs 6 Lacs shall be payable to the investor each year.
  • If the return assured is for 3 years, then Rs 18 Lacs will be paid back.
  • The assured return is usually given monthly, via post dated cheques ( PDC's ) or Funds Transfer directly into the investors account.
    Isn't it simple!
Assured Return Projects in Gurgaon

Invest in assured return property – advantages

  • Investing in assured return projects in Gurgaon is an excellent way to invest in Gurgaon Real Estate & it has many advantages. Lets see some of the benefits of investing assured return properties ?
  • Lower risk as the developer shall keep paying return till completion ( in most cases ).
  • Given the above, the pressure to delver the property on time, is on the developer.
  • Income yielding investment from day 1 vs long gestation period in other traditional investments.
  • Regular income along with capital appreciation of property.


  • A fixed monthly income to meet other expenses
  • Income yielding asset from 1st day of investing
  • Recover 40 - 60% of your investment through monthly returns
  • Create an asset alongside getting a fixed monthly income
  • The return on investment is not dependant on external market conditions
  • As you can see above, assured return investment is a great way to invest in real estate.

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